SCD via iTero

Digital impressions from iTero are among the very first we accept since we started offering CAD CAM services in 2011.

A connection between your iTero intraoral scanner and Southern Cross Dental lab account has to be established before you can send the scans to us. Please contact your scanner provider or local AlignTech / Invisalign Australia representative and request this link.  Alternatively, you can provide us your SCD account number or your contact details (if you are not yet an SCD customer) and we will request this connection from AlignTech on your behalf.

Once this connection is created, please follow the general steps below to send iTero scans (restorative work only):

  1. Fill out the iTero lab form (Rx), if you wish to fill in an additional lab sheet, you can upload it on your MySCD portal. Please note we need to be advised on iTero notes that you have uploaded one lab form to your portal, otherwise we will miss it.
  2. Perform scanning on your iTero machine
  3. Review scan
  4. Send

If you have further questions, feel free to email or call 02 8062 9800.