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Due to ongoing severe weather, parts of New South Wales and Queensland have been flooded, causing significant delays across the network.

As the situation evolves rapidly and floodwaters continue to close roads, Toll are experiencing severe impacts to their linehaul services alongside staff shortages.
Please bear this information in mind as it could have an impact on your pick-up timescales and subsequent delivery to Southern Cross Dental.

IMPORTANT: Current COVID-19 Impacts

Physical Case Delays Expected.
With the current outbreak of the new variant, there have been extended delays at customs processing facilities due to self-isolation, temporary closures, and issues with flights importing and exporting physical case impressions, and in turn this is causing longer delivery times. At this stage we are anticipating around an additional 7-10 day delays on physical cases, due to the additional disinfection measures that are now required for imports and exports. We have been advised that we should be running as normal within the next couple of weeks and we will update you the minute we know.

Digital Cases and Quest Range Not Impacted.
During this time, digitally received orders are having minimal disruption as well as negating the requirement for disinfection. If you are able to submit a digital case during this time, we would ask you to provide these over traditional impressions in the short term where possible. Our Quest Australian Made range is also not impacted.

Material Choices for Faster Turnaround.
If you are in need for an urgent case, and material variation is an option. If you are considering selecting PFM or layered materials, consider changing to Fully Monolithic Zirconia for crown & bridge for a quicker turnaround.

Please ensure your case is packed in a Toll Priority satchel* and ready for pick up. A fee of $17.50 + GST will be charged if the case is not ready on the driver's arrival.

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Please note: To cancel or reschedule your pick-up, please call Toll directly on 13 15 31.

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2pm EST is the cut-off time for pick-ups - some regional areas may vary, please contact us to confirm the cut off time for your area. Bookings made after the cut-off time may be picked up the following business day.