Intraoral Scan Body

Ideal for accuracy and determining the position and orientation of dental implants, choose the Southern Cross Dental intraoral scan body.
SCD Intraoral Scan body

Intraoral Scan Body Overview

Intraoral scan bodies are screwed onto an implant fixture and scanned directly from your patient’s mouth using an intraoral scanner (IOS).

Accuracy made easy

The scan body design and material properties guarantee a maximum scan area for an accurate and reliable fit. With a faster turnaround and efficient impression, the intraoral scan body is the ideal choice for your patients. Intraoral scan bodies are also an economical choice, using fewer materials, no shipping costs of impressions or models, and they’re autoclavable and reusable.

Why choose our intraoral scan body?

Southern Cross Dental’s intraoral scan body is suitable for non-genuine and genuine restorative options, available individually or as part of a starter kit.

Reusable up to 15 times, the intraoral scan body is made from medical-grade Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) to ensure optimal scan results.

A fixed screw prevents swallowing, and are compatible with the prosthetic screwdriver relevant to the implant system being used. The scan body can be hand-tightened without a torque wrench.

Autoclavable and radio opaque, the scan body is  provided with an article code corresponding to a specific implant platform. Powdering prior to scanning is also not necessary.