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Terms & conditions apply. 1) The digital rebate is based on monthly lab spend, excluding aligner cases and education courses. 2) Rebate levels are the same for AU and NZ. 3) They apply to any customer that links any scanner to SCD. 4) A minimum of five digital cases per month are required to meet the rebate requirements. 5) It will only apply if accounts are paid up to date. 6) It can’t be used in conjunction with any corporate group or individual discounts. 7) Applying the digital rebate will automatically remove any existing discounts linked to your account. 8) It’s a three-year term with potential for an extension of one or more years. 9) If you qualify for the rebate in a particular month, your account will be credited at the end of the following month and will appear as a credit against an invoiced item against your monthly statement. 10) The rebate isn’t transferable or refundable and can’t be exchanged for cash. 11) The maximum rebate is $1,000 per month.


Why sign up?

Earn with each scan

Start sending at least five digital case files and begin clocking up rebate dollars credited straight to your account.

Save with each case

Not only will your rewards build each time you submit a scan, but you will also enjoy no courier charges either direction

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