Digital Dentures

Enjoy a quicker, simpler workflow with SCD Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures

With SCD's digital dentures, complement your current clinical protocol with our sophisticated digital manufacturing process. Our innovative workflow will help reduce the number of appointments required, offering you and your patients with predictable and reliable results.

Copy Dentures

With SCD Digital Copy Denture, you can use your patients existing denture for capturing impressions (reline wash with bite registration) there by eliminating the need for separate trays or bite plates. Take an intra oral scan of the impression and share with our lab for a streamlined approach that not only simplifies the process but also ensures precise results in line with the patient’s exisitng denture.

  • Fewer appointments
  • Allows for customisation
  • Patients can hold onto their current dentures.
  • More accurate fit
  • Excellent aesthetics

*Valid for Full replica dentures only. The estimated turnaround time and appointment schedule includes shipping and delivery, and exclusive of optional try-in. Final turnaround times may vary depending on any technical queries between dentist/lab and any further customisations.

Sophisticated CAD/CAM workflow

Our digital denture range offers a sophisticated and streamlined CAD/CAM workflow utilising industry certified materials to ensure the highest quality denture solution for you and your patients. Each uniquely designed denture solution is milled from high-strength multilayer discs, while the custom-designed pink base is precisely milled from breakage-resistant material. Our skilled dental technicians then expertly bond these components, ensuring a prosthesis that is predictable, accurate, consistent, and reproducible.

Benefits to Practice and Patients

Designed to meet the specific needs of those familiar with dentures and intraoral scanning, our new digital denture range offers a number of benefits to dentists and patients alike.

Streamlined process with fewer appointments, allowing patients to retain their existing dentures with a comfortable fit, excellent aesthetics, and lasting durability.

Optimise chair time, attract new patients, establish a permanent digital record, and minimise post-insertion adjustments by simplifying your denture workflow.

Enhance profitability and add new product offering to your digital dental protocol while elevating the profile of your dental practice.

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