Precision Attachments

Precision Attachments are designed to minimise load on abutment teeth, and support and stabilise overdentures.
dentures precision attachment

Precision Attachments

While Precision Attachments can be used in many applications, they’re mainly designed to minimise load on abutment teeth, and to support and stabilise overdentures. The main two classifications are Intradental and Extradental Attachments.

Intradental Attachments

Intradental Attachments are housed within the crown or root structure of the natural tooth, and we can classify them into two further groups, depending on the type of retentive mechanism used: magnetic and frictional (with a tapered design, parallel-walled boxes and tubes, adjustable metal plates, springs, studs or locks).

Extradental Attachments

Extradental Attachments can also be divided into two further groups: bar attachment and cantilever, which can be rigid or mobile. For example, CEKA and VKS (Bredent).