Denture Repairs & Relines

We offer hard and soft denture relines, and a range of options for minor and major denture repairs.
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Repairs and Relines

Here at Southern Cross Dental, we offer a range of options for repairs and relines of removable prosthodontics, designed to meet the individual needs of your patients. Also available in the Quest Range.


One of the most common partial denture repairs is to replace or add a new tooth to a pre-existing partial denture. 

We offer options for both major and minor repairs, including: 

  • Precise tooth-frame relationships can be established by resin pick-up and laser welding of removable partial denture frameworks.
  • Laser welding with a wrought wire loop to the major connector to retain an acrylic tooth. Laser welding can also successfully repair small connectors and broken clasps.
  • Replacing or adding a new anterior tooth to a pre-existing partial denture sometimes requires a metal backing to be laser welded to the framework, when there’s insufficient interocclusal space. (An opposing cast and a pick-up impression of the partial denture is needed from the dentist.)


The rapid shrinkage of bone after tooth removal can impact the denture, meaning the denture needs to have the fitting surface relined, usually required within  2-3 months. Relining is also required when the denture fit is no longer adequate. We offer two types of relines, both which require a wash taken inside the fitting surface of the denture:

Hard relines are when the tissue surface is replaced with hard acrylic.

Soft relines are recommended when the patient has flat or nearly flat gum tissue, ridges with thin tissues over bony areas, or chronically sore gum tissue.