The Two Part TrioClear™ Webinar Series: 

Join us for the TrioClear™ webinar sessions from the comfort of your home. Our webinar series is designed to help New Zealand & Australian dentists and orthodontists to use the full potential of TrioClear™.

In this two-part series we will discover, the benefits and ease of implementing an aligner system to the patient while exploring TrioClear™’s workflow and CBCT technology when designing your patient’s treatment plan.

Part one: Why Clear Aligners? An introduction to TrioClear and the advantages of Clear Aligners.

In Part One of the Mastering the Precise Clear Aligner System for your Practice webinar series, we discover TrioClear™ Clear Aligners as well as.

  • Advantages of aligners over fixed appliances.
  • The basics of Orthodontics.
  • The TrioClear™ Aligner system introduction.
  • The benefits and ease of implementation of the system to the patient.
  • Why TrioClear™ is the comfortable choice for both patients and your practice.


Dr Albert Sharp

Dr Albert Sharp received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney, graduating with First Class honours and top of the year. He is a partner at Penn Sharp Dental Surgeons in Double Bay, Sydney, where he continues to practice all aspects of general dentistry. Dr Sharp is the General Manager Clinical at Southern Cross Dental. He often presents courses to enable general dentists to provide the best possible outcome for their patients.

Dr Sharp was one of the first general dentists in Australia to be accredited for treating patients with the Invisalign® System and for many years was the primary presenter for the Invisible Aligners Training Course for GP dentists. Dr Sharp is in clinical practice at his surgery in Double Bay, Sydney. He has tried many aligner systems to see what works best with each.