Implant Full Arch Restorations

Southern Cross Dental has a range of full arch dental implants including Zirconia, PFM, Hybrid and All-on-4 solutions
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Implant Full Arch Restorations Overview

Southern Cross Dental has a range of full arch dental implants with industry-best aesthetics and enhanced durability to suit the requirements of any patient. We use tried and tested traditional laboratory techniques and cutting-edge CAD/CAM processes to deliver the highest quality at the best prices.

Full Arch Zirconia Bridgework

Impressive aesthetics, long-lasting durability.

  • One of the most durable restoration options for full arch rehabilitation.
  • Up to 1200 mPA flexural strength.
  • Very resistant to staining.
  • For screw-retained restorations, it connects to the implant fixtures with a titanium base to give easy retrievability.
  • Available with layered and non-layered zirconia (PFZ).

Full Arch PFM Bridgework

When strength is paramount.

  • Suitable for a majority of screw or cement-retained full arch restorations.
  • Very resistant to staining.
  • Reliable bonding of veneering porcelain to the metal framework.
  • Choice between non-precious alloys (nickel and beryllium free) and titanium (PFTi exclusive to Australia).
  • Optimum physical characteristics and excellent rigidity for long-span, full arch dental bridges.

All on 4 Hybrid

Cost-effective and low maintenance.

  • Screw-retained hybrids for a cost-effective fixed prosthesis option.
  • Comprised of a cast or milled metal substructure layered with pink acrylic to retain acrylic dental teeth.
  • Readily retrievable and easily repaired.
  • Evaluate the underlying implant and provide a more natural feel for your patients.
  • Lower maintenance, hybrid bridges facilitate good patient care and plaque control.
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