In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. Enter digital dentures, the game-changer your practice needs. Southern Cross Dental (SCD) presents digital dentures, seamlessly integrating our sophisticated digital manufacturing process into your clinical protocol. Our innovative workflow aims to minimise the number of appointments required, providing both you and your patients with predictable and dependable results.

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Processes

Digital dentures represent a transformative leap forward in the field of prosthodontics. Say goodbye to the perpetual cycle of appointments and welcome a future where creating dentures is as effortless as smiling itself. 

Embrace the evolution of dentistry and embark on a journey where satisfaction beats apprehension – with each advancement, we draw closer to achieving the perfect fit for every patient.

With digital dentures, the tedious steps of traditional workflows become relics of the past. No more wrestling with trays and gooey materials, no more endless adjustments, and certainly no more weeks-long waiting periods. Imagine simplifying your workflow, minimising chair time, and maximising patient satisfaction—all with the click of a button.

Efficiency Redefined: The Digital Denture Process

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency in dentistry with our revolutionary digital denture process—a paradigm shift in prosthodontic care.

Our aim is to provide a swift impression process, minimal adjustments, and turnaround times measured in days, not weeks. 

Let’s explore the steps you and your patients must undertake for this new process! 

Step 1: Assessment and Scan

It all starts with the initial assessment consultation where dentists assess the patient’s existing denture, noting the fit, aesthetics, and bite. Then, instead of subjecting patients to the horrors of traditional impressions, dentists can opt for a reline wash impression in centric. No gagging, no discomfort—just swift and precise data collection.

Step 2: Digital Magic

Once dentists capture digital impressions and are sent to the lab, our expert team utilises top-grade digital technology to craft a denture replica with unmatched precision and care.  Leveraging advanced CAD/CAM technology, they ensure each denture perfectly combines fit and aesthetics. It is meticulously designed to match the patient’s mouth’s unique contours and natural colouration. 

This process guarantees a denture that fits flawlessly and restores the patient’s confidence with a genuine smile that looks impeccably natural. Our commitment to combining expertise with the latest in dental technology enables us to provide outcomes that consistently exceed patient expectations, reaffirming your choice to partner with us for dental solutions that truly make a difference.

Step 3: Swift Results

Fast forward to the second appointment—a week later. Once the clinic receives the patient’s denture for a fitting evaluation, the custom digital dentures are designed to fit perfectly. No need for multiple try-ins or last-minute adjustments. It’s a one-and-done deal, saving time for both clinicians and patients alike.

Digital Dentures Should Be A Yes!

Digital dentures represent a seismic shift in prosthodontic care, offering unparalleled benefits for practitioners and patients. They’re the epitome of modern dentistry, with streamlined workflows, enhanced accuracy, and swift turnaround times such as;

Copy Dentures

SCD introduces Digital Copy Denture, allowing you to utilise your patient’s existing denture for impressions.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Reduced number of appointments
  • Customisation options available
  • Patients retain their current dentures
  • Enhanced accuracy in fit
  • Superior aesthetics

Please note: This offer is valid for Full replica dentures only. Turnaround times and appointment schedules include shipping and delivery, excluding optional try-ins. Final turnaround times may vary depending on technical queries between the dentist/lab and any additional customisations.

Sophisticated CAD/CAM Workflow

  • Our digital denture range features a sophisticated CAD/CAM workflow
  • Utilises industry-certified materials for the highest quality solutions
  • Each denture solution is meticulously milled from high-strength multilayer discs
  • Custom-designed pink bases are milled from breakage-resistant material
  • Components expertly bonded by skilled dental technicians
  • Ensures a prosthesis that is predictable, accurate, consistent, and reproducible

Southern Cross Dental today to revolutionise your practice with digital dentures! And, of course, we offer services that enable you to order a case and book a courier online – streamlining the entire ordering process.